"Generally speaking, the mutation of the martial soul is predestined. Therefore, when the martial soul awakens, if the martial soul has mutated, it will show up. There are too few martial soul mutations due to acquired influence. Tang San's The spirit of martial arts is Blue Silver Grass, and his own weakness makes it easier for him to absorb any spirit ring, and will not cause too much rejection. Although the spirit ring of the human face demon spider is strong, it will not appear such a situation of martial spirit mutation. The most important thing is that the Blue Silver Grass Martial Spirit on his body has not disappeared and can still be released. From this point, I can conclude that he is not a Martial Spirit mutant." Flender said: "What is going on? These spider legs don’t come out of thin air. Wuji also said just now that these spider legs have the poisonous human face demon spider attached to them. If used properly, they can be a weapon of their own, and they are also very sudden ."