The status of Tang San is very important." The master nodded, "You are right. It is very likely to be the case. However, this also has a lot to do with his own mind. Tang San has a precocious mind and is far ahead of his peers. "Zao Wuji said: "Master, what is the matter with the eight spider legs that appeared behind Tang San? That doesn't seem to be an additional ability of the spirit ring. He is a weapon spirit, how could he change himself? Will it be the spirit ring mutation, or the martial spirit mutation?"The master said: "I am not sure what is going on with him now. It is impossible for the spirit ring to mutate. The spirit ring of the spirit beast is fixed, although it will produce different effects when combined with different spirits. But the spirit ring itself will not change much. Tang San has already acquired a spirit ability, and the spider legs that appeared behind him should not have been given by the spirit ring. As for the spirit ring mutation, the possibility is not impossible, but I don't think he This is the case."